Happiest of Birthdays To My Heart

Today is your twenty-fifth birthday.

I apologize for not writing/making you a physical card like I used to. I still love you all the same and this past year has proven to me that you are and have always been the one for me.

This is the seventh birthday of yours that we’ve spent together. That’s crazy!

What a year 2016 was for the both of us, am I right? I completed my Bachelor’s and had my first full time job, and you graduated with your Master’s in BME and started your first full time job.

I know my manic episodes, my depressive state and my diagnosis of bipolar disorder all took a huge toll on you. I really can’t fathom what you’ve been through on the other side of things, and I’m sure it was hell. The look in your eyes and the fear that you always expressed must have broke you. For that, I am so sorry for ever putting you through these times. I’m so sorry for ever doubting your love, and for ever wanting to leave you when I was depressed. I’m so sorry for not being able to forgive you for when you took that week break from me. I now understand why you wanted that, it happens sometimes.

You are the definition of hard work and strength, both literally and figuratively. I’m so glad that God has blessed me with such a mentally strong individual. You are my soul mate. You are my best friend. I confide in you. You are my caregiver. You are my love. You are my everything (right after God of course).

Thank you for always sticking by my side through whatever life may throw at us. You are my keeper and you will always be mine. Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health.

Thank you for choosing me above all else. You love me so much and it is very apparent. I hope you know that I know that you love me and vice versa. Though we may argue sometimes (who doesn’t), know that I wouldn’t want to argue with anyone else but you.

You bring out the good in me. You teach me to be patient. You teach me to calm down. You teach me to never give up, to fight the fight. You teach me how to love and be loved.

I love you with every bone in my body and I cannot wait till the day that I am able to say “I do.”

Happiest of birthdays, my love. Wishing you a great year ahead – you’re going to kill it as always. I’m always on your side and I’m praying for you endlessly for peace and guidance.

Forever yours,



Momma and Pops Warrior

I’ve written a general appreciation post for both Momma and Pops’ families (linked here), but I’ve never written about them individually. So here we go. This is a post for my second family, my second parents. Lettuce dive right into it.

Momma and Pops Warrior,

Hello! There are so many things that I could thank the both of you for that I do not know where to begin. I’m sure I’ve written the two of you multiple cards that have said the same thing over and over again, but that just solidifies how lucky I am to have you guys in my life.

Where do I begin with my thanks?

Thank you for taking me in since day one. I remember in high school I would come over your house a lot in the beginning when Kindness (Kevin) and I started dating, and you’ve always welcomed me in with open arms. Through college, and to where we are now – your love stays the same. It is an unconditional type of love. No matter what, I know that through it all, I have another pair of parents who know how to love me forever and always. I’m so lucky in this way.

Thank you for setting an example of what love is for Kevin and I as well. Though you got married at a young age, the both of you have worked extremely hard to provide for your family. You remind me of my parents in this way too.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being who you are in my life. It is a privilege to know that one day I will be legally part of the family. That will probably be one of the happiest days, if not THE happiest day of my life.

I love you both so much. Never forget that.



Brains and Brawn

Hello Brains and Brawn,

I hope you are well! I know we don’t talk all the time but know that no matter what, you can always come to me and your older brother for help, whatever it may be. If you need help with something for school, if you need a ride, relationship advice, etc. We will always be here for you.

Like Nickelodeon, I’ve also had the privilege of seeing you grow up within these past seven years. It’s amazing how strong (both literally and figuratively) you’ve gotten over these years – it’s truly fascinating. There’s something about you that reminds you of me. I think that you are a very smart individual. When you find something that you’re passionate about, you’ll dive into it fully.

Remember that talk that you and I had about a month ago downstairs at your house? You have a lot of potential. But remember that you must keep your family close because at the end of the day, at the end of our lives, those who will be there always will be our families. Your family loves you so much (I know it’s hard to recognize that sometimes because often times actions speak louder than words), and I think deep down you also know that this is true.

You are a warrior. Your last name literally means that you are a warrior. Keep fighting for your life, keep fighting for our country. You will always exceed our expectations because you are such a hard worker.

We all love you, I love you, your older brother loves you. Don’t forget that.




This is a post about a young boy who will some day be my brother-in-law.

Dearest Nickelodeon,

It’s crazy to know that I’ve basically seen you grow up in these past seven years that your oldest brother and I have been together. The first time I met you was back in 2009 and you were such a little squirt (you are actually still a little squirt – haha just kidding). You were only two years old. Now you’re ten – where the heck did the time go?!?! That’s crazy. Anyways, I’m so glad that I’ve had the privilege of seeing you grow up right before my very own eyes. You are such a bright kid.

The way you learn things so quickly and the way that you absorb information is quite fascinating actually. But, do you know what my favorite thing about you is? I would definitely say that my favorite thing(s) about you would be your kindness, and the way that you love your family and friends.

I know it can get lonely sometimes because your older brothers are much older and sometimes you just want someone to play with. Well, know that if I’m ever available, I’m always going to be here for you. I’ll be there for you when you graduate elementary school, I’ll be there for you when you enter middle school and when you transition into high school, I’ll be there for you when you have your first relationship.

I love that when we have conversations, we’re able to bounce ideas back and forth like no other. It’s quite awesome actually. And whenever I teach you something like how to use Snapchat for example, you are able to learn so quick!

Keep your brain sharp, stay away from the bad guys, and stay true to who you are. Never forget where you came from and how hard your parents work to give you all the nice things you have, because they love you.

We all love you so much and we all can’t wait to see you continue to succeed in your life.

I love you!!!




To My Aunts, Uncles & Cousins

Happy weekend everyone! This is a post where I will write about my extended families.

To my aunts, uncles and cousins on my father’s side:

Hello everyone. Though we don’t see each other very often, I want to let you all know that I appreciate you all. Since my siblings and I were the first nieces and nephews, since the beginning, you guys have always shown us love – even if it has been from afar. I remember there was that one time when I was about three years old. Mom and Dad had to go overseas to Singapore because my mom’s father passed away, and naturally, we were left with you guys to take care of us for the time being. That is a memory that I wills hold dear to my heart. Also, forwarding to where we are now, all of you still give us your love! Especially during the holidays like Christmas and Chinese New Year. Thank you for all that you do, much appreciation always. I love you guys.

To my aunts, uncles and cousins on my mother’s side:

Hi aunties and uncles! Hi cousins! Most of you are on the other side of the world in Asia so some of us have only even met once in our lifetimes (my family traveled to Asia back when I was twelve). It saddens me to know that since we are on opposite sides, we barely get to really spend time with each other. But, in the times that we are able to see each other, I will always cherish those moments. Hopefully in the near future, we can all come together one day and have dinner or spend some quality time with one another. Thank you also for loving all of us from afar, my mother always tells me that her family is always thinking about us. So thank you! I love you all as well.

I am blessed with such a big family. I am lucky to have so many people who are family by blood to care about us all. Thank you Jesus for the families that you have put me with. I am so grateful for their unconditional love, and most importantly, I am grateful for Your unconditional love.


B. T.

Why I Look up to MegSquats

If you ask me who my favorite famous woman powerlifter is I’d definitely say my top one would be MegSquats. Why, you may ask? Well I’m about to tell you.

First and foremost, there are other famous powerlifters that have done so much for us women within the fitness industry who are just as awesome. I’ve just had the privilege to train alongside Meg twice in 2016, and I then saw her and her boyfriend again at USAPL Nationals 2016 where we were able to eat a quick bite together.

To me, there’s something special about MegSquat’s life story. I remember listening to her podcast with Mark Bell and Silent Mike when it came out, and it seemed as though Meg had some major highs and lows in her life. Through it all, she still remembered where she came from and she always worked hard for what she wanted. Recently, she quit her full time job because she was at that point in her life where she was able to do what she ultimately loves! She also spoke about how sometimes in life, it’s okay to take a job just for the sake of the money so in the future, you can do what you love (started from the bottom now we hea)! I am a firm believer in that because you’re investing yourself into something that can teach you life lessons and skills along the way. This concept teaches you to work even harder because you have an end goal that you want to achieve. Also, Meg is extremely chill to talk to (regardless if it’s your first time meeting her or not). Though I’ve only had the ability to meet with her three times, I can tell that her mannerisms are extremely humbling and she is a very positive person.

Here are other pickles of when I was able to train with MegSquats back when she was still here in New York.

Here you can see me cheesin’ like a goofball because we were able to train together again! We are at Squats and Science in this picture, which is a fairly new gym in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Here I am trying to flex and show my (nonexistent) muscles, but MegSquats clearly out angles me, and I ain’t even mad.

When I saw her at USAPL Nationals, Kevin and I were able to eat with her and Ryan really quickly. It was crazy to me because she had mentioned that she realized that I wasn’t present on social media anymore (I do this all the time when I become depressed). It was crazy to me that she was even able to notice that.

Dear MegSquats,

Hope you are well! I’ve said this to you before but thank you for paving a path for us women within the fitness industry. You have done so much to prove you deserve where you are right now. I hope to see you soon.

P.S., here is a link to one of MegSquats’ videos. This was the first time my friends and I trained with her. Here is another video where I made a small appearance. Go follow her on all things social media! Handle is obvy @megsquats.



Chillin’ Like a Villain

Chillin’ Like A Villain, C. L. for short.

It’s been forever since the last time we’ve seen each other, I think it was back in June when us “sophomores” had dinner together that one night! Though we don’t keep in touch that often, I want you to know that you will always be someone that I look up to highly.

Do you know why I look up to you and why I think you’re so awesome?

Throughout my whole time of knowing you (we met in first or second grade), you have always stayed true to who you are, regardless of what anyone else says. You’ve stuck to your passions, regardless if you were good at other things as well.

The way you are so passionate about dance makes me think that I can make it in the world too! I remember that last time we saw each other you said that you work and you still audition for things because ultimately again, dancing is your number one love.

C. L.,

Continue to love the world and continue to hold onto your passions. I wish we could see each other more but don’t worry, I know that sometimes life gets in the way. I miss you! Let’s hang out soon!


B. T.