Fight For What’s Right

This was an interesting weekend, wasn’t it?

With the inauguration of our “forty-fifth president” on Friday and the Women’s March which followed the day after, I feel the need to write a post about my views. I feel the need to write a post in which speaks of my morals and values. I feel the need to write in order to be heard.

I am the third child of two Chinese-Vietnamese individuals. Both my parents are Chinese but Mom was born and raised in Vietnam whereas Dad was born in Cambodia and raised in Vietnam. My siblings and I were born and raised in America – New York to be exact. I guess this makes us Chinese-Vietnamese Americans, based upon the previous statements (I’ve always been confused with my heritage till now haha.) Anyway, let me keep going with this.

There have been times in my life where I felt like I didn’t matter. There have been times where I was not heard. There have been times where I’ve said “no” and the other party on the other side of things still felt to ignore my words. There have been times where I didn’t want to be who I am because of my heritage and background. There have been times where I felt that being a boy would make things so much easier.

Why is that? It baffles me that we currently live in the year 2017, and women STILL have to fight the fight in order to break barriers, chains, and ceilings. How is it that we STILL feel that we are not heard? Why are there STILL double standards?

I still get cat-called at once in a while. I still get made fun of because of my ethnicity sometimes. I still feel like I don’t matter because I am a woman sometimes.

My name is Brettany (hear me roar bc I am now willing to speak up) and I am an Asian American woman who has been diagnosed with mental illnesses. With that, I feel that it is my duty to continue to be strong for my gender, my race, my ethnicity and my community.

If only we could go back into time and physically see what awesome women like Joan of Arc, Queen Isabella, Queen Elizabeth I, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, etc. have done in order to pave a path for us. If. Only. Here, I’ll provide a link where you can read up about all the strong female characters within history – READ ME.

Don’t people realize who even gave birth to them? Need I spell the word out for you? You came from a w-o-m-a-n. Your m-o-t-h-e-r gave birth to you, whether you choose to believe that or not.

Women’s rights are human rights. We are all equals. Both men AND women have done so much for our country (and the world). Let us recognize that. Men can be feminists too – it’s called being a nice person who believes in equal rights.

We as women SHALL be heard. We as women WILL be heard. We as women CAN be heard.

Let us continue to fight the fight. Let us continue to be survivors.

Let us be the bigger people and love others unconditionally like we always have.

After all, love TRUMPS all, am I right?



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