Why I Take Life For Granted

Today I went to see my doctor because I’ve been feeling under the weather (on top of feeling groggy and sleepy from my mood stabilizers). Before seeing the doctor, I had a nice conversation with the nurse about life and why we tend to take things for granted.

She asked me if I was in school currently, and I said no. She then proceeded to ask me what I graduated with and what I’m doing now. I told her that I’m working part time and doing my own thing on the side. She also asked me who I was living with and I said that I live with my parents, but I plan on moving out sometime soon. Since I had said that, she agreed that everyone eventually wants to move out – but she did make a point that if she could go back in time, she would have stayed living with her parents much longer than she did because of how much money it would have saved her (speaking from her own experience – she is now a grandma with a daughter and a grandkid).

That is why I take life for granted. There’s so much that I am privileged to have and yet there are still things that I complain about. I live with my parents which means I don’t have to worry about bills which include electricity, water, etc. Mom loves providing for me and dad so she always makes fresh cooked meals every day. I am able to do my laundry at home with no cost. I am a literal soup lover and mom makes soup always.

Besides being privileged by living at home, I am just privileged in all ways and I take all that I have for granted. There will be days where I complain about how my body is so tired from the mood stabilizers and how I am getting sick. Well, hate to break it to you, Brettany, (yes I just spoke in third person), but there are poor people in America and in third-world countries who don’t even have the ability to take medication because they have no source of income.

So here is why I take life for granted. I take life for granted because I have been spoiled with love from God, my family and my friends. I don’t deserve what I have.  I am far from perfect, but I am given all these opportunities and all these blessings because of God’s grace, mercy and sovereignty.

I am thankful that I have the ability to receive aid from healthcare providers, and I am thankful that I am able to work part-time within my condition and live a fruitful life because God always blesses me. Thank you, God, for being who you are in my life. You never fail me.

Moving forward, I’m sure there will still be days where I take life for granted but I will try to constantly remind myself to stay humble and to stay grounded.

Blessings on blessings y’all.




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