This is a post about a young boy who will some day be my brother-in-law.

Dearest Nickelodeon,

It’s crazy to know that I’ve basically seen you grow up in these past seven years that your oldest brother and I have been together. The first time I met you was back in 2009 and you were such a little squirt (you are actually still a little squirt – haha just kidding). You were only two years old. Now you’re ten – where the heck did the time go?!?! That’s crazy. Anyways, I’m so glad that I’ve had the privilege of seeing you grow up right before my very own eyes. You are such a bright kid.

The way you learn things so quickly and the way that you absorb information is quite fascinating actually. But, do you know what my favorite thing about you is? I would definitely say that my favorite thing(s) about you would be your kindness, and the way that you love your family and friends.

I know it can get lonely sometimes because your older brothers are much older and sometimes you just want someone to play with. Well, know that if I’m ever available, I’m always going to be here for you. I’ll be there for you when you graduate elementary school, I’ll be there for you when you enter middle school and when you transition into high school, I’ll be there for you when you have your first relationship.

I love that when we have conversations, we’re able to bounce ideas back and forth like no other. It’s quite awesome actually. And whenever I teach you something like how to use Snapchat for example, you are able to learn so quick!

Keep your brain sharp, stay away from the bad guys, and stay true to who you are. Never forget where you came from and how hard your parents work to give you all the nice things you have, because they love you.

We all love you so much and we all can’t wait to see you continue to succeed in your life.

I love you!!!




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