Momma and Pops Warrior

I’ve written a general appreciation post for both Momma and Pops’ families (linked here), but I’ve never written about them individually. So here we go. This is a post for my second family, my second parents. Lettuce dive right into it.

Momma and Pops Warrior,

Hello! There are so many things that I could thank the both of you for that I do not know where to begin. I’m sure I’ve written the two of you multiple cards that have said the same thing over and over again, but that just solidifies how lucky I am to have you guys in my life.

Where do I begin with my thanks?

Thank you for taking me in since day one. I remember in high school I would come over your house a lot in the beginning when Kindness (Kevin) and I started dating, and you’ve always welcomed me in with open arms. Through college, and to where we are now – your love stays the same. It is an unconditional type of love. No matter what, I know that through it all, I have another pair of parents who know how to love me forever and always. I’m so lucky in this way.

Thank you for setting an example of what love is for Kevin and I as well. Though you got married at a young age, the both of you have worked extremely hard to provide for your family. You remind me of my parents in this way too.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being who you are in my life. It is a privilege to know that one day I will be legally part of the family. That will probably be one of the happiest days, if not THE happiest day of my life.

I love you both so much. Never forget that.



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