Why I Look up to MegSquats

If you ask me who my favorite famous woman powerlifter is I’d definitely say my top one would be MegSquats. Why, you may ask? Well I’m about to tell you.

First and foremost, there are other famous powerlifters that have done so much for us women within the fitness industry who are just as awesome. I’ve just had the privilege to train alongside Meg twice in 2016, and I then saw her and her boyfriend again at USAPL Nationals 2016 where we were able to eat a quick bite together.

To me, there’s something special about MegSquat’s life story. I remember listening to her podcast with Mark Bell and Silent Mike when it came out, and it seemed as though Meg had some major highs and lows in her life. Through it all, she still remembered where she came from and she always worked hard for what she wanted. Recently, she quit her full time job because she was at that point in her life where she was able to do what she ultimately loves! She also spoke about how sometimes in life, it’s okay to take a job just for the sake of the money so in the future, you can do what you love (started from the bottom now we hea)! I am a firm believer in that because you’re investing yourself into something that can teach you life lessons and skills along the way. This concept teaches you to work even harder because you have an end goal that you want to achieve. Also, Meg is extremely chill to talk to (regardless if it’s your first time meeting her or not). Though I’ve only had the ability to meet with her three times, I can tell that her mannerisms are extremely humbling and she is a very positive person.

Here are other pickles of when I was able to train with MegSquats back when she was still here in New York.

Here you can see me cheesin’ like a goofball because we were able to train together again! We are at Squats and Science in this picture, which is a fairly new gym in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Here I am trying to flex and show my (nonexistent) muscles, but MegSquats clearly out angles me, and I ain’t even mad.

When I saw her at USAPL Nationals, Kevin and I were able to eat with her and Ryan really quickly. It was crazy to me because she had mentioned that she realized that I wasn’t present on social media anymore (I do this all the time when I become depressed). It was crazy to me that she was even able to notice that.

Dear MegSquats,

Hope you are well! I’ve said this to you before but thank you for paving a path for us women within the fitness industry. You have done so much to prove you deserve where you are right now. I hope to see you soon.

P.S., here is a link to one of MegSquats’ videos. This was the first time my friends and I trained with her. Here is another video where I made a small appearance. Go follow her on all things social media! Handle is obvy @megsquats.



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