Self Reflection

I’ve been feeling extremely lethargic due to the side effects of the medication I’ve been taking. I know these meds are supposed to help me in the long run by stabilizing my moods, which is why I’m mostly okay with taking them.

I’m just sick and tired of feeling sleepy but I guess the side effects will subside and things will balance out slowly but surely.

I am currently sitting on a bench in a nearby park. I came here today because of the beautiful weather but also to get in some daily exercise. As much as I love the grind and the hustle in the gym, I love being in the great outdoors and I love being able to breathe in some fresh air.

A lot of times, I think we as a human race tend to take what we have for granted. What happened to focusing on our neccessities more than our wants? My mother and I had this conversation today actually.

I am grateful for the life that I have. I am grateful for the clothes that I have. I am grateful for the water and food I have. Most importantly, I am grateful for all the works that God has done in my life, and I am grateful for my family and friends.

I always try to remind myself  how hard my parents have to constantly work in order for us, their children, to live a better life. I remind myself that in order to get to the top, we must start at the bottom of the totem pole.

Ultimately, isn’t that what life is about anyway? Learning and continuously growing? Life is full of opportunities and lessons, it’s all a matter of perspective and interpretation. Everyone sees things in a different lens, which makes things inconclusive at times. Moreover, I believe we all go through similar situations, but different at the same time. In the end, I think if we all learned to work together for the greater good, we will be able to accomplish so much.

I know I talk about team work a lot – it’s just something that I firmly believe in.

Stay hungry and humble, my friends.

I’m out for now.

Peace and blessings,

B. T.

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