Things That Make Me Happy


Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great start to the week. Here in NY, it snowed over the weekend so the streets are still covered in snow, and I’m sure the trains are slightly out of whack. But let’s get right into what this post will be about. As a twenty-three (almost twenty-four) year old millennial woman who has been diagnosed with mental illnesses, there are many things that I like and there are many things I do to make me happy! Within this list, one is not greater than the other. The list just goes accordingly to what I can remember at the moment. Let’s dive right into it. Please see below the things that I love:

  1. Writing – I absolutely love writing because it is one of the greatest forms of expressions, in my opinion. I remember writing a research paper about Eminem and how his work was so intricate because though he had a rough life, he channeled his energy into his writing which then became his music.
  2. Music – I’m so thankful to have had to privilege of learning both the violin and the piano. I love playing, creating, and listening to music. Whenever I’m home, I love listening to music as I write and when I read because for me, that’s how I stimulate my mind. I enjoy creating remixes of songs (I’ll start making videos again and I’ll post them up on my Youtube channel soon).  I can’t say I have a favorite type of musical genre because I love all types of music which ranges from classical to country – each genre has its own unique qualities.
  3. Spending quality time with family and friends – This is yet another privilege that I have. When I was in the psych ward, the only real complaint I had was that I wasn’t able to spend Christmas with my family and friends. I crave companionship because I’m the type of person who loves being surrounded by their loved ones. I love talking about everything and anything, because that’s how you grow, right?
  4. Texting my family and friends – I have about six (give or take) group-chats that I’m in and I love being able to always text someone when I’m bored! My family and friends are so awesome in this way. They take me as I am at face value and they really do know how to love me unconditionally.
  5. Meeting new people, learning new things – I also love meeting new people and picking people’s brains because it allows me to think differently than what I usually think. I think this is important for me because I grew up in a diverse community. With that, I am used to meeting others who are different than I, who come from different ethnicities and backgrounds.
  6. Reading  – Reading is literally food for the soul, and I love learning new things by reading a jubilee of different articles and books every day! I am trying to start the Bible again, but besides that, I read a lot of political articles, health articles, business articles, etc. Also, If I don’t know something, Google always comes in clutch by educating me, even if it’s just a word that I don’t know. TY based Google.
  7. Art  – I think art is super important and it is super relaxing because you’re allowing yourself to use your motor skills to create something. Even if it’s just coloring in a coloring book, you’re still allowing yourself to choose what colors you’d like to color the image.
  8. Physical Activity – I got into weightlifting around Sophomore year of college, but I had bad form back then. Ever since my junior year, I started fixing my form and I got on a specific program (starting strength, highly recommended for beginners). I did my first powerlifting meet in November 2014 – fast forward to where I am now in terms of physical activity, I’m now just getting back into lifting because I was not doing much for about 4 1/2 months (when I was depressed). Slowly but surely, I am working to increase my strength (both literally and figuratively). Along with powerlifting, I like to take long walks, I like going on the cycling machine. I would love to hike soon with my sister. She’s so cool because she has hiked at so many places!
  9. Photography – I am that girl who will take pickles (what I call pictures) at every event, every time I am with my family or friends. I am a huge advocate for Snapchat and Instagram, and I love photo-dumping all my photos onto Facebook. I think photography is a great way of expression and it makes me happy because it allows me and my family and friends to remember the good times we’ve had together.
  10. Food – I. Love. Eating. Need I say more? Ha ha, but actually though. I really love to try new foods and new spots because I just love to eat! Like music, I think food is an international language because who doesn’t love to eat? All in moderation, of course.
  11. Watching movies and television – This is at the bottom of the list actually because too much television is not good for you. It’s bad for your eyes, and it’s bad for your perception of reality! As they say, too much of anything is not good for you.

As you can see, there are a number of things that make me happy. There are a number of things that I love. If there’s anything else that I’m missing, I’ll be sure to update this list.

That’s it for now!

Peace and blessings,
– B. T.

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