Casting Crowns


This is a post about a friend whom I’ve known since I was fifteen.

I will call her Casting Crowns!

The way we met is pretty funny actually – it was through a mutual friend and we first talked online before we met each other face to face in person. I remember shopping at QCM a lot with you and D-rek, and I remember calling you my boyfriend since your birthday in 2008 (I think), lol! We don’t really get to see each other often but I’m so glad that we’ve kept closeness through this battle we call life.

You’re a really tough cookie, and I look up to you in many ways. I also remember you coming to visit me in college during my eighth semester and you gave me Christmas gifts! I thought that was the nicest gesture because we barely get to talk and see each other.

I love you so much, thank you for being who you are in my life. Keep doing you and I know you will surely succeed.

Btw, Casting Crowns is the individual who made all my digital signs! Check her Instagram out: @bristlesproutsco – she’s awesome.

Love you 5ever,

Your boyfriend B2

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