Gluten-Free Chicken Lettuce Boats

I recently discovered that I have a sensitivity towards gluten, so much of my diet needs to be changed. Today I had a therapy appointment and right after on the way home, I was thinking of what I should eat for lunch. My mom and I went to King Kullen and I immediately saw packages of hearts of romaine so I immediately thought of making chicken lettuce boats. These are definitely gluten free because I am substituting bread with the lettuce! Below you can follow my step by step instructions so that you, too, can make them yourself at your own free will. Trust me, you’ll want to make these. They’re fresh, crunchy, tasty, and extremely healthy all at the same time. Lettuce jump right into it.

The ingredients I purchased for this recipe can be seen above. To list what I bought: organic packaged hearts of romaine, baby carrot sticks, chicken tender strips, broccoli slaw, boathouse yogurt and cucumber dill dressing, basil, and mild salsa. I bought the salsa just to have at home, and I had carrots on the side of my lettuce boats. You’ll see what I did with them below. Moving on.

Here, I began to cook the raw chicken tender strips. I first turned the stove on medium heat, poured some grapeseed oil (my mom loves cooking with this kind of oil) and I placed all of the chicken into the pan one by one. Spices used include salt, cilantro, garlic powder and lemon pepper. Pretty simple and light. I was debating if I should use the wet basil paste but I decided to use that later on instead. You’ll see.

After all the chicken was cooked, I used a scissor to cut it all up into small chunks. I prepared two packs of chicken tender strips – mainly because I know I can use the chicken for other recipes as well. Anyway, here I began prepping all of the other raw ingredients. I washed my hearts of lettuce (I ate three total), and I prepared the broccoli slaw by portioning it into a bowl of the amount that I wanted for this recipe.

Almost there! As you can see in the top right corner, I added a good amount of chicken into the same bowl that I had the broccoli slaw. I then put some of the yogurt & cucumber dill dressing in the bowl, along with the wet basil paste. After that, I took some baby carrots out and put it into a small dish so I can have them as a side to my chicken lettuce boats.

And that’s a wrap! The rest is pretty self explanatory – I used a fork to put a good amount of the chicken/slaw/dressing into the lettuce boats and I ate them just like that. You can see that I put some additional yogurt dressing on the side for my baby carrots. Also, I poured myself some water.

Cost of all ingredients: $33
Taste: 8/10

The cost may seem a little high but you can definitely split this up into three or four more meals. This recipe came out to be very delicious and tasteful. Though it seems very minimalistic with the ingredients, it still tasted great. The textures and the taste profiles of the spices along with the dressing and the paste formed a beautiful marriage that made my stomach happy.

Pro tip: If you’re trying to lose fat and weight, 80% is diet and 20% of it is exercising.

I’m not a professional or anything, but this tip comes from experience. You are what you eat, right? That’s what they say at least.

Till next time. Enjoy!

– B. T.

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