Mishiro Ching-Ching

This post is about a great friend who I also hold very dear to my heart. This post is about a friend who has turned into a brother – someone that I look up to because of his generosity and his willingness to always learn from others.

I can’t recall the exact moment that I met Mishiro Ching-Ching, but it was definitely some time in eleventh grade. T.K. and M.C. had told me they were cousins so I of course believed this for the longest time!! Turns out that they were just good ol’ family friends who knew each other since they were youngin’s.

Our friendship has definitely grown through the years, and I’m so glad that you are own of Kev’s closest friends because you have turned into one of my closest friends as well.

What speaks to me the most about you is your kindness.

Eversince you started working, you love spoiling us with gifts and you love repaying us in food and in good company!

Also, the memory of you helping me through these rough couple of weeks and when I was in my last depressive state will always be embedded in my brain. You just have such a kind, loving, soul – I hope you know that and I hope I have done as much for you, as you have done for me.

I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for you.



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