Silly Kat

My Silly Kat! We’ve come a long way in terms of our friendship, haven’t we? And I’m so thankful that I have someone like you that has stayed a great friend of mine through all the turmoil. I will always hold you dear to my heart, and I will always make time for you whenever you want to hang out whenever you need me.

My first encounter with you was back in second grade during line up hours in elementary school – you might not even remember this, lol! We had to line up by class in a different area than that of where recess was, and I remember seeing you and saying something along the lines of  “are you sure you’re supposed to be here?” and you sassed me back by saying “yes!!” with an attitude and ran off. Ha ha. That encounter makes me laugh and smile.

Come the later years, we got really close during ninth grade. I don’t really remember how, but I remember ALWAYS walking home to your house and spending hours there. We always confided in each other, told each other our dirty little secrets, etc. It was like this till senior year – I don’t like talking about the negativity in my life but I will say sorry for that period of time where I got really mad at you during that time in high school. Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms always and for always showering me with love, even if we barely see each other!

I will always be your panda.

Love you 4ever,


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