Oh, The Impact You Both May Have!

Good morning and Happy New Year’s Eve!

I had originally written two separate posts for my parents, but I decided to re-edit those two posts and publicize them into one. The difference with this post is that I will focus on their positive qualities and negate the negatives. I mean, at the end of the day, we’re all human right? And we’re all imperfect. Lettuce begin with my mother then move onto my father. Lettuce dive right into it.

If there’s one earthly individual who has showed me what it truly means to love wholeheartedly, it would be my mother.

Regardless of the hurtful words or the attitude that I can sometimes give her (and I’m deeply sorry), mom will always take me as I am and forgive me within an instant.

Momma Tu radiates God’s love in all aspects of her life, because ultimately she has surrendered herself in all ways, and God has met with her and protected her throughout all these years. My mother is the definition of strength and love – these are two things I would hope that I have learned from her.

Mom is the definition of love because she has suffered time and time again, but she always pulls through, she never gives up.

No matter how many times an individual can wrong her, if she truly believes in you, Ma will forgive and forget. She will never hold anything against you, ever. Mom has her own flaws that have in a way, stunted my personal growth, but hey, I’ll take it. If she wasn’t the way she was, I wouldn’t have learned to be as strong as I am, nor would I have been able to learn the true meaning of God’s love.

My father has the greatest influence and impact over me. He has a heart of gold, along with the biggest, most jolly smile and laugh. Whoever he meets, he will treat them like that of his own. Dad has taught me how to be kind, humble, and outwardly loving in all ways.

I had a really great childhood, and you will see that in the posts written about my childhood friends and siblings. We had the best of times, but we all also had the worst of times. But, again, that’s life right? In the end, we will always be able to learn from past experiences and come out stronger from them.

Before I allow myself to dwell on the flaws of my father, let me tell you about his extreme work ethic. This is my father’s second greatest quality, after his heart of gold, of course.

My father is the absolute definition of a hard working man. I have seen it with my very own eyes! For example, this past Christmas in 2015, though he was off, he took it upon himself (with my help he he) to clean and refurnish the whole entire basement in our home. Dad already wakes up extremely early for work, so he began this project at 6am in the morning, and did not stop till it was where he wanted it to be. I took notice of this right away, as I saw that he only stopped for a quick lunch break, and to use the bathroom every so often. Besides that, he literally worked his butt off for the whole entire day.

In addition to working on the basement last Christmas from day to night, my father is a small business owner and he works extreme hours just so we, his family, can live a happy life.

I am so alike my father in this way. But, I never want to lose sight of who I am and what I believe in. I will only intake the positive qualities of both mom and dad, and apply them to my life so I can be a better individual.

Thank you, Ba-Ba (father in Mandarin), Ma-Ma (mother in Mandarin) for teaching me all of these life lessons. I love you.


Jia-Shin (My chinese name!)

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