Goals and Aspirations

Before I write about my experience with my mental illnesses along with my experience being in a psychiatric ward for eight days (and two other visits to the ER in the weeks before that), I will write about some goals that I have for the new year and just some goals in general! Below you will find a list of my goals and aspirations, in which some will be elaborated upon:

  • Take care of my own mental/emotional/physical/spiritual health
  • Love others more in an unconditional way, taking others at face value
  • Cherish time with family and friends always
  • Learn to continuously rely on God more for everything
  • Read the Bible more, and try starting devotionals
  • Build strength and get back into a routine in terms of powerlifting
  • Learn how to budget my money
  • Eat healthier, especially since I’ve become intolerant towards gluten and lactose
  • Cast my worries unto God always
  • Continue to listen to others’ advice and continue to learn from others
  • Meet up with individuals I look up to so I can pick their brains and gain better insight on certain things
  • Stay grounded, stay humble
  • Continue reading as much as I can
  • Create new hobbies
  • Inspire others
  • Keep writing so I can one day self-publish my writings
  • Continue to play piano and violin, I love music. Continuing doing covers, remixes, etc. Maybe learn how to be a DJ!
  • Own a private noncommercial weightlifting type gymnasium – TUStrong Athletics
  • Meet influential people within this generation 
  • Be the POTUS (This was my dream since I was little. Im half srs when I say this lol)

The list can probably go on and on and on but I’ll stop myself here and add the others if I decided to, ha ha!

Before I close this post, here is a prayer for me and the world –

Dear Heavenly Father,
We come to you at the end of yet another year that you have blessed us with. This year has surely been a learning curve, and I thank you for your continuous love and blessings though we do not deserve such things. Thank you for always watching over us through the battles we may have with ourselves or with others. I pray that in this upcoming new year that we, as a human race, may come together and fight for the greater good of mankind instead of fighting against each other. I pray that Your will may be done, and I pray that You will continue to teach us how to love more and more, each and every day.


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