It’s A Family Affair

This is a post about my Stony Brook fam.

It’s funny because we really act like a family in the sense that Kevin and I are the parents (we’re mainly the oldest of the group), and our friends really do call us mom and dad, ha ha. Anyways, back to these rad individuals!

The way we all became friends was through the Stony Brook Strength Club. I remember seeing everyone at least once in the gym, but no one really conversed with each other until we started our groupme chat! Our #ChiquitaCrew has only been a family for a little less than two years, but I can honestly say that it feels like it’s been years since we’ve all known each other.

You know those friendships that sound way too good to be true? Well, this group of friends is one of those.

All of you have exemplified what it means to be strong in each and every way. Not just when it comes to the sport of powerlifting, but it terms of life as well. Thank you for always wishing the best for me, whether it be highs or lows.

I am always thankful to have you guys, and this bond that we have with one another will never be broken even if it’s hard to have family gatherings due to distance and separate schedules.

I love you poops!


Momz Tu-Chainz

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