High School/Undergraduate Business Presentations

Listed below you will find some presentations that I’ve made in the past for classes and competitions. Hope these materials help you, the reader, in any way possible. As with any materials on the internet, please do not plagiarize, and always cite your sources if you decide to use the content provided below in a project or presentation!

– FBLA NY State Competition – Business Presentation – Mr. Strauss: 

FBLA Social Media Presentation
(Sources: Brettany Tu, Jaspreet Singh, Simarpreet Singh – Spring 2011)

– Lean Practices in Operations – 5S Project – Professor Coffin:

BUS 370 Presentation
(Source: Brettany Tu, Spring 2015)

– Sports Management –  Lockouts in History – Professor Laskowski: 

BUS 391 Presentation
(Sources: Brettany Tu, Greg Timash, Dan Snyder – 2014)

– Intro to Management & Operations – Target Case Study – Professor H.:

BUS 346 Presentation
(Sources: Brettany Tu, Joel Guerrero, Jaspreet Singh, Jae Islam, Sasha Williams – 2013)

– Quality Management – Final Presentation – Professor Coffin:

BUS 372 Presentation
(Sources: Brettany Tu, Matt Noto, Kevin Sweeney, Prabhleen Kaur – 2015)

– Intro to Marketing – Product Presentation – Professor Caprariello:

BUS 348 Presentation
(Sources: “The Serpents” team – 2014)

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