Job Interview Notes

Below you will find some interview questions in which helped me for an interview I had this past June/July. Though I didn’t receive the job (everything has a reason, and God always has things planned out already), preparing well for the interview really helped me stay calm and confident. Most of these questions are from, which is a website I always use to look up interview questions. My personal tip would be to be prepared and have an answer for most things!

Position: Associate Teacher, Success Academy Charter Schools

Tell me about your past jobs
Why have you chosen Success Academy?
How do you organize yourself?
What would your motivation be for going to work on a cold February morning?
Describe a time you received feedback that you didn’t agree with
How do you deal with stress?
What makes you most qualified for this job?
How do you deal with criticism? Give an example.
What would you find difficult about working at Success Academy?
What is something you feel you need to work on?
Talk about yourself
What is something that you feel passionate about that gets you excited?
Apart from SA helping to provide high-quality education to low-income populations, what do you think sets us apart and makes us special?
What made you want to teach?
How do you feel about the group interview?
Which school would you want to be located?
What would make you an essential part of the classroom as an associate teacher?
Why are you passionate about working with children?
How will you handle the demands of such a long work day?
What are your core values when it comes to teaching?
How will your past work experiences contribute to Success?
What do you look for in a boss?
What makes you a better teacher?
What are your strengths and weaknesses as an educator?
What motivates you to want to teach at SA? Tell me about your classroom management.
Give an example of feedback you’ve received in the classroom.
How do you manage your dates and times?
What do you do to keep yourself organized?

Name a time you have failed at something, and how you learned from that failure
How do you manage everything on your plate as a teacher?
Write in detail how you stay organized and prioritize tasks

Make sure you know about the history of SA, their teaching methods and how you relate to their mission.

What is each teacher of the specific subject given doing to engage scholars in the lesson?

What similarities and differences do you notice? 

Agency: every member taking ownership. Taking responsibility for making sure that the school and scholars are reaching the highest possible standards

Curiosity: fueled by wonder. Scholars, teachers & staff always ask, “what if?”

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