2011 Oxfam E-Board Application

Oxfam America at Stony Brook University E-Board Application


*I applied for both positions because I didn’t know which to choose!

(Please legibly fill out the following to the best of your ability; if you need more room, attach additional papers or use the back)

Name: Brettany Tu
Academic Year: Freshman
Major: Music Performance

1.) Why are you interested in being a part of this chapter’s e-board?

I am interested in being a part of Oxfam America at Stony Brook’s e-board because I want to be able to contribute my passion, thoughts, and ideas elsewhere rather than just the general body meetings. I believe that I can contribute in many ways because of my love for humanity and people who are much less fortunate than I.

2.) What relevant skills, abilities, or contacts do you have that could benefit the e-board as well as the general body?

Well, in my junior and senior year of high school, I started two clubs: the Christian Seekers Club and Invisible Children. I started these clubs because I was passionate about having fellowship in a school setting, along with being passionate about the cause to help child soldiers in Africa. Through this, I believe that I have great leadership skills. Also, I believe that when my mind is set on a goal, I will do everything in my will to have that goal reached. I am also kind hearted, willing to learn, enthusiastic and driven.

3.) As a member of the e-board, what events or projects would you like to see accomplished?

I would like to see the club raise more money than the goal that is set because it is definitely possible! We can reach that goal by fundraising and putting on events that people can donate to. I would also like the club to outreach and educate other students about all of these world issues and how better off we average Americans are.

4.) What does Oxfam’s mission mean to you on a personal level?

As I said before, my heart goes out to those who are much less fortunate than I am. I love that Oxfam’s mission focuses on poverty, hunger and social injustice as those are, in my opinion, the biggest issues going on around the world. We as the average American have been so lucky to be able to have all that we have, and sometimes we, or at least I, don’t realize all the necessities and opportunities that we are given. So here I am. I am here to with a heart that wants to be a part of something bigger and better. Something that will help and change the world.

(Source: Brettany Tu, September 2011) 

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