We Give a Damn Campaign

The world is a beautiful place, a place filled with beautiful things and beautiful people. This place we call home, the things we have and the things we see, the people we call friends and family, were all created by the almighty God. When God created all things, He created all things equal. Whether straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, every individual in this world is deemed beautiful as we are all created equal. The We Give A Damn Campaign is a campaign that was launched in 2010 to stress upon the equality of mankind. This campaign allows those who are supporters to be educated about the issues at hand and how to be involved.

In April 2010, the We Give A Damn Campaign was created through the True Colors Fund which was founded by Cyndi Lauper. The campaign is designed for all individuals who care about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. Its main goals are to share personal stories, inform about present issues, and encourage all people to be involved. Many celebrities have given a damn and supported this movement. These figures include Whoopi Goldberg, Elton John, Susan Sarandon, Jason Mraz, Ricky Martin, Anna Paquin, Lily Tomlin, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Wanda Sykes, Indina Medzel, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, and Alan Cumming. The We Give A Damn Campaign is also partnered with fourteen non-profit organizations all fighting for the same equality.

One of the fundamental goals of the We Give A Damn Campaign is to educate every individual on the issues that impact the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. There are never-ending issues that all ages encounter, who are deemed different to the rest of society. Youth, as young as the age of ten to twenty four, commit suicide due to the pressures, negativity and discrimination they receive from others. It is estimated that ninety percent of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth are bullied whether it’d be verbally or physically. Many youth are either homeless or in foster care as well, due to the fact that families cannot accept that their children are different and some do not wish to adopt.

As an adult who is either gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, one can be easily denied work or equal pay. Marriage is a huge issue as well, as more than eight million people in the United States are not given the freedom to marry. In truth, many have stayed committed to the same one person for more than ten, twenty or even fifty years. Health care is also not easily provided to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LBGT). Issues like these do not only happen in the United States, but also in other countries all over the world. Sometimes the issues are even worse as individuals are arrested, put to jail and even killed just because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

I believe the We Give A Damn Campaign is an important cause as it emphasizes equality. It gives people the ability to gain knowledge about how some are suffering through the way others treat them based on who and what they are. We are all human beings, made by the one and only; therefore we should all be treated the same, no matter how different we may be. Sometimes, through getting to know each other, similarities can be found and a bond can be made. We must allow ourselves to accept people for who they are and learn how to love all that is around us.

The We Give A Damn Campaign most definitely ties in with the Arts, Culture and Humanities theme. The Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture and Humanities focuses on creative expression to illuminate the differences and similarities among cultures. The campaign goes well with the ACH theme as it educates everyone about sexual orientation and gender identity equality, which essentially is illuminating the differences and similarities among cultures.

There is beauty within every thing and every one in this world. We as human beings are all deemed equal as we were all created by God. No one should be put down because of who or what they are. No matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, we must all learn to love each other and appreciate one another for our hearts and personalities that make up the beauty in the world. We should all give a damn about equality within sexual orientation and gender identity. Thank you to the We Give A Damn Campaign for providing us all with new knowledge and appreciation. Today I join the other eighty seven thousand three hundred and twenty people who give a damn. I give a damn.

(Author: Brettany Tu, December 2011)

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