College Supplements 

Include any additional information that you would like to provide regarding special circumstances, additional qualifications, etc. (1000 Characters or less): During my high school career, I have had many musical opportunities. Since seventh grade, I have received a score of one hundred on the annual NYSSMA adjudication – which has allowed me to be a part of the Long Island String Festival Association, All County Orchestras, All State String Orchestra and the All State Symphony Orchestra. Since ninth grade, I have been the Concertmaster of the Valley Stream Central HS District Music Festival – I was the first freshman to receive this honor. I am currently the Concertmaster for my school’s senior orchestra; I have been a featured soloist with them every school year. I am also heavily involved in school extracurricular activities. I created the Invisible Children club in my school to raise awareness of African child soldiers. Also, because of my want of fellowship in a school setting, I fought to create the Seekers Club. Throughout this, I have been able to balance an academic course load, maintaining an average above the mastery level

Briefly state why you are considering Stony Brook University (1500 Characters or less): With high hopes, I had already known that I really wanted to attend Stony Brook from the start – even before visiting the school itself. I heard from many individuals that Stony Brook University has a phenomenal, flexible, and extensive music program: which is the area that I would like to study. When visiting the Staller Center of the Arts, I heard many different sounds coming from different individuals practicing a variety of instruments. It was great, and I felt like I wanted to belong – I wanted to be in one of those practice rooms practicing my own violin. I long for the ability to grow in my musical abilities through the prominent staff and program at Stony.

I love the aura and environment of Stony Brook University. Because of the large number of students attending, I believe the prestigious atmosphere promotes healthy competition – something that I want, love, and need. Stony Brook also offers an abundant amount of majors and minors to choose from. If I wanted to minor in another field, or suddenly change my major, I would have the ability to explore in many directions. Not only is excellence shown through the academics and education of Stony, but also through the diversity that is evident. There is clearly a wide range of cultures, ethnicities and religions: all coming together as a whole, making what the school is in itself.

Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below (150 words or fewer): Invisible Children is a non-profit organization that raises funds for the children who are abruptly forced to become soldiers in Africa. When I heard about this organization and conflict, I thought this issue was perfect to bring to my school. The club I created does not exist solely to make a positive change in the lives of African children but also for individuals to come together as a whole to make a difference in our school. As a club, we encourage one another to be more humble, appreciating what we have that others do not. There are over fifty attendees in this newly added club and we are proud to put together events to support the cause.

(Author: Brettany Tu, 2011)

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