A Letter for our Future

Throughout my (short) years of living (only twenty three), I can recount all the times that I allowed myself to let other people in my life (both figuratively and literally) in the sense that I am too trusting towards others. Though I may not have been told concrete answers, I can gather a sense of why I am the way I am, and why others may tend to react towards me in a certain way, along with the fact that others may tend to take advantage of me (don’t worry though, I have learned to deal with this better now and I have great individuals/mentors in my life). I have read tons of articles dated back from history, science research, human nature, psychology, etc. – you name it. I have come to the conclusion that as humans, we are similar to our founding fathers, and the Paleolithic era, in the sense that we mimic what we see. If we constantly see or say something, we will begin to believe it. But, we must negate all the negatives and start believing in the greater good of humanity, just as our Founding Fathers have. America is a great place to be, it is the land of the beautiful, home of the free. May we all come together to work for the greater good and end poverty, all forms of abuse, hunger, a hierarchy between the poor and the rich. May we work together to fight cancer and other health related issues. May we continue to hold onto that sliver of hope that we may have, and may we continously learn how to love and be loved. May we treat others as equals but with respect, may we move forward from our past selves and work to change the world in a positive matter. If we can’t do it all, might as well start now with ourselves right? May we educate ourselves about all that is going on around the world, may we humble ourselves. That is all.


Brettany Tu

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