Enjoyment of Life

Hello! I was randomly going through my Google Drive this morning and found this little guy archived in it, ha.

I wrote about music (of course), since I began college as a music performance major. Reading this essay motivates me more and more to continue playing the violin. Without further ado, please find below my college essay. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

“Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go!” The joy with which the Seven Dwarfs proclaimed these well-known words is said to represent the harsh times of the Great Depression, and how people were so excited to work when they found a job.  I believe this is the joy and attitude a musician should have towards his or her chosen vocation, singing the given tune as a motivator.

I was first exposed to music as a toddler.  My mother taught me piano at age three until I decided to switch to the violin when I was five.  Throughout my violin career, I’ve had the privilege of building a relationship with an eternal friend: my instrument. This love has been fostered by teachers with great passion and talent for teaching the violin.  Not only did they teach the art of self expression through music, but more importantly, they taught me how to have good character.  All my teachers have taught me to never give up, to always persevere in every aspect of my life.  These enthusiastic individuals have shown me what music should be about: passing on the gift of knowledge and insight, touching the lives of others in a way that goes beyond instrumental technique.  With talent and musicianship, people are able to find their individual voices that can rise over the cluttered noise of the world.

I am thoroughly passionate about music – how it works, its various forms, and how it can be interpreted in different ways.  I am currently taking the course, AP Music Theory, and I am completely intrigued by the functions of music.   Music is a vital part of life; the medium through which all emotions can flow.  I believe music has a significant role in society as it can help an individual become his or her own self.

Individuals must express themselves.  Music has a role in teaching us how to be ourselves with the music that we enjoy listening to, or with the music that we have learned to play on an instrument, shaping it to be our own with our emotions.  Music teaches us to appreciate all that is around us – as every sound is a form of music.  Sound, in and of itself, is emotionless, but it is our experiences that gives sound meaning.  Whether I am upset, angry, or even joyful, playing the violin always gives me the opportunity to make a piece my own, expressing my true inner most being.

As I have high hopes to enter the profession of music, I will proclaim just as the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White did – “Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go!” My motivation is to succeed; not for the wealth, but for the future; hopefully it will be a future of music, emotion and enjoyment of life.

It’s funny because everything that I wrote here still stands to be true to this day – good job, seventeen year old Brettany! In all that I do,  I will certainly exude happiness along with a positive attitude.

Stay blessed everyone.



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