Eternal Gratefulness

Though my time at OMD USA as an Assistant Digital Analyst lasted much shorter than I would have ever imagined (I resigned in late May), I will always be eternally grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had, the individuals I’ve met, and the professional/life lessons that I’ve learned.

First and foremost, I will say thank you. Thank you, Disney Store, for passing along my resume to your connection (who ended up being my group director), as this specific connection expedited my employment process. Thank you to each and every one of you on the team (including clients too), as I have learned so much about professional mannerism and the media industry. Thank you to all partner companies, for I really enjoyed my time conversing and working with each of you.

Here’s the story of how I got my job so quickly. After graduating in January 2016, I immediately began to job hunt – let me tell you that job hunting in it of itself is no joke – it is essentially a full-time activity. You must dedicate all of your time to perfect your resume, to tailor each cover letter to every position, and you must do a lot of research when it comes to learning about the companies and professions you are applying to. Luckily for me, as said above, one of my closest friends connected me with her family friend who internally referred me – I was able to go in for two interviews for two different Omnicom Group agencies – to my surprise, both teams were interested in me. I decided to go with OMD USA over Pathway, ultimately because I preferred that client account over the other.

I was so excited to start my first full-time job! You see, I gained interest in the marketing and advertising industry through my year long internship with GMR Marketing (post about that can be found here). To this day, even though I no longer work at OMD, I can say that I’ve mostly had a positive experience, and again, that I am eternally grateful for everything and everyone. Here in this post I will outline my personal experience and my personal learnings.

What does an Assistant Digital Analyst do you may ask? For starters, the position entails of someone who is extremely detailed oriented and someone who can thrive in a fast-paced environment. Since I was on the Monster team, my digital team at the time was very small –  a team of three  (which included me, a strategist and a supervisor) – along with two group directors, the search/social team and analytics, in which we would work with but I did not directly report to. In total, the team consisted of ten I believe.  Since my team was minuscule, I helped handle all the planning, buying, strategizing, negotiating, managing and executing aspects for specific campaigns for our client account. On a day-to-day basis as an assistant digital analyst, it is a lot of working with partner companies and making sure they are keeping up with our expectations for them within the quarters. There are weekly calls and updates with the client, so they can keep within the circle of our daily work. In addition, as an assistant analyst, I was highly involved with creating/maintaining media plans, reporting, generating insertion orders, managing budgets, compiling creative specs, and monitoring all trafficking.  If and when the client came up with a request, we had to research and analyze data in order to create and provide insights and/or recommendations . Much of the job entails working with Excel – towards the end of my (short) time at OMD USA, I can say that I was getting pretty comfortable with the in’s and out’s of the application – but of course, I still have a lot to learn. The job is not your typical 9am-5pm – there were days I’d work 10-12 hours with no overtime, but I was mindful of this when accepting the job. Ultimately, I learned what it really means to plan and execute things – I’ve become that friend who literally will create a Google sheet for mini getaways, full out schedules and to-do lists. (Secretly, I really enjoy doing all of that, he he). I also got a glimpse of what it means to full on multi-task, because a lot of the time there’d be a million tasks to be done by end of day, and I had to learn how to prioritize in order to be able help the team out in that way.

Working as an entry-level professional in the real world fresh out of college can be seemingly tough in the beginning, but you start to get the hang of things (slowly but surely). It’s funny because a lot of the learnings that I absorbed from working professionally, really even applied to my own personal life. I’ll be getting into the nit and grit of things, so  bare with me. Let’s get to the good stuff. Please see below a list of some of the things I’ve learned that apply to both professional and personal experiences:

  • Think before you act
  • Punctuality is very important
  • Adaptability is key
  • Don’t assume that every situation is always the same
  • Prioritizing and organization are key components to success
  • Triple check your work always
  • Be poised and confident, but also know when to ask for help
  • Things aren’t always going to go your way
  • Dwelling in past mistakes don’t do anything for you – move forward
  • Don’t take criticism negatively, take it as a learning experience
  • Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue, you can’t always speak your mind
  • Know when to stick up for yourself, but not in a prideful manner
  • You can’t do everything on your own – teamwork is a necessity
  • Know your stuff – make sure you always have enough evidence and research before coming to any conclusions
  • Learn to gauge situations, let others speak without interruption
  • Always have a positive outlook no matter what
  • Be open to change and new ideas
  • Being present means to listen, engage, interact
  • Stay curious, ask questions
  • Be yourself and stay true to who you are

These are just some of the key learnings that I’ve received from my first full time job. The list could go on, really, and I will continue to add to it if and when more statements come to me. This is not to say that I’ve perfected all that I’ve listed, I am simply putting these here to remind myself of these things. I constantly make mistakes, but as said before, it’s all about moving forward and learning from our mistakes, am I right?

All in all, I am still figuring out what it means to be an adult. Again, thank you to each and every one of you who have contributed to teaching me these said learnings, whether you knew you did or not.

Anyways, I’m not sure if this post is completely finished because I feel like there’s something missing here – I’ll publicize it regardless and if there’s more that I feel that should be said, I’ll be sure to update.

Thanks for reading.

Stay blessed.


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