To Infinity and Beyond

Though I may have finished school this January and though I have already received my diploma, I will attend this Stony Brook 2016 main commencement as a graduate with the biggest smile across my face. Not only do I get to experience this moment for myself, but I also get to experience this moment with the love of my life.

Yes, I know, yet another post dedicated to “Kindness” Kevin, but he deserves all the praise in the world for he is the definition of grit; he is the definition of hard work. (Also, this may just be me feeling bad that he wrote me a card and I didn’t have one for him – so HI I know you’re reading this – here’s my card to you! Ha ha he he).


Dearest Kevin,

Congratulations my love! As I write these words, my heart is full of love and happiness. Actually, every time I think of you I cannot help but thank the Lord for blessing me with one of the greatest  relationships in my life. I’ve seen you go through hell and back in this journey of graduate school. Back in 2014 when you completed your Bachelor’s degree of BME, you immediately decided to dive into this program the following semester as a PhD candidate. This is who you are – time and time again you tell me that it is I who pushes you to be better, but quite frankly, you are the one who ultimately teaches me (along with some others) how to move on and take every opportunity that is laid out in front of us.

I’ll never forget your first year of graduate school. There were days, weeks, where you would pull all-nighters because of the mere fact that you feared not putting in your best effort. I remember this one period of time where we were both depressed, and you said to me that you felt lonely; that you felt as if you didn’t deserve to be a PhD candidate.

Little did you know then, though, (and I am sure you know this now), is that you are the least lonely person in the world because you are a man of God, and you will always have me.

Time and time again, through these two years of graduate school, you have been blessed, all by the mercy and grace of God. You were able to be in Indiana in Fall 2015 for a co-op internship, and now you are graduating with your Master’s degree of Biomedical Engineering on this day! And, of course, you found a full-time job in less than one month. Words cannot explain how proud I am of you – and how thankful I am that God always blesses us both.

The way you love is evident in the way you treat me, but also in the way you treat others. You have always been one to lend out a helping hand to those in need, and that is by far the greatest gift. I am so glad to call you mine, and I am the luckiest girl on earth to have the privilege of continuing this journey of life with you side by side.

May God watch over you (and us) as you enter this new chapter of your life. May we both continue to walk in faith, and spread love to every single person we encounter. May He teach us how to forgive and forget, may He teach us how to let go and let God.

I love you a milli, to the moon and back.

Yours always,


P. S. Congratulations to the Stony Brook Class of 2016! I am honored to be sharing this moment with you all.

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