Faith, Hope, and Love

Last night, many of us gathered as a community to pay our respects to “Victorious” Victor Chang and his family.

I will not sit here and lie to myself saying that I am okay. But, I will say that I do have hope that God will mend our broken hearts in this time of suffering, and that He will save us on His own timing. The Lord is almighty and I will not be in doubt.

First, I’ll say that this week was hard for not only me, but also every person that has ever encountered you. I believe that with time (and by the grace of God) we shall be healed, but we will NEVER forget who you are. As your eldest brother spoke last night – as long as our hearts are beating, you shall be alive and well within our memories. You shall be alive and well in the way that we now learn how to love one another fully.

This whole week I tried to be strong to the best of my ability – not even for myself, but ultimately for your family – because I know (to a certain extent) that they are hurting, and that they would need to feel loved in the biggest way possible. In many ways I succeeded with my own mental strength, but there would be times where I’d get home from work, read through your Tumblr, look at pickles of you, and I would just lose it (for that sliver of a moment). I know, though, that if you were still here with us to this day, if this specific instance happened to anyone else, you would have taught us to pull through and to see the light in all situations, because that is who you were.

Pros and cons to everything.

Victor, you are loved. Last night speaks to this very statement as I looked around from wall to wall in Chamsarang – so many of us gathered in your name, because even in the smallest way (for those who don’t know you that well) – you truly left an impact on all of our lives.

I was so happy to have caught up with many individuals who I haven’t seen since high school, and to finally meet and interact with people you always spoke highly about. Knowing that you loved them and they love you, I instantly felt a connection.

It just saddens me that we all have gathered because of your passing – but again, pros and cons to everything, and as I have said before (and I firmly believe this statement), everything happens for a reason – God has a plan and He knows how to use situations to have us become stronger.

Vicky, I miss you so much! Thank you for shining your light on us from Heaven. May we see each other face to face soon enough, where we can lay on the pastures and look back on all the good times we had with everyone in our lives.



And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13

*On a side note, I’m attending Stony Brook’s 2016 main commencement as a graduate today! Technically I graduated already but I’m still so excited because I get to sit next to the love of my life, who has succeeded in completing a Master’s degree of Biomedical Engineering. I’m so proud of you, Kevin. May God bless us continuously – may we seek Him first in our relationship. May we love each other as He has loved us. Amen.

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