Gotta Catch ‘Em All

This is it, this is the last post of my first series, the series of Love. You may be thinking, “wow, you have so many wonderful people in your life!” Why yes, yes I do. But, there are also others who have helped me along the way, in terms of my personal growth. We’ll get to them, I promise.

To wrap this series up, I’ll be speaking to my niece and nephew, Squirtle and Charmander. Though they are only two years of age and only almost one month old (I know, they’re complete nuggets), they have left an imprint on my heart. They have taught me how to love and be loved. Hopefully one day they’ll be able to read this when they’re old enough!


You are absolutely the sweetest toddler I will ever know. And no, I am not being biased just because I am your aunt, and you are my niece. This statement will always hold to be true – you are a bundle of joy. Since you came out of Blueberry’s womb, you have been the center of our family. Time and time again, you have been the glue that has the ability to stick us together and make us whole again. The most exciting thing to see right before my eyes is the way you learn and absorb all the knowledge there is for you to know. It is as if every time I encounter you, you have gathered together a new set of words, which in turn, become the cutest phrases and sentences that come out of your cute little mouth and in your cute little voice. I am thankful for the love that you shower me with, which can be evident through your hugs and the way you always want to be attached to my hip when we have playdates at grandma’s house.


Hi little guy! Welcome to the #TUpac. It’s almost been a month since you’ve been brought into this world, crazy, right?! First off, let me apologize for my lack of presence in your life. It saddens me to say that I haven’t even met you yet. So, Charmander, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being extremely busy and caught up in this thing we call life. Moving forward, I promise to never be absent in your life like this ever again. I will always make time for you. I want to see you grow up, I do. I want to be there seeing you and Squirtle interact and play, I truly do. Yes, I feel like in a way, I’ve met you already through the multiple pickles your parents send over, but that does not cut it. I need to be in your life because at the end of the day, family is what matters the most. Thank you for teaching me this at such a young age. Who knew a baby could teach a twenty-three year old a life lesson?! Just kidding, just about anyone and anything could make someone realize certain things. In conclusion, Charmander, I’m ecstatic to see how you develop. You are loved by us all.

May God always watch over the two of you. I pray that He will continue to show you both who He is, in all ways.


Sai Doo Doo*

Squirtle calls my sister and I “doo doo” bc “goo goo” means aunt in Cantonese, but she has been mispronouncing it since forever. Also, “sai” means younger – she calls my sister “dai doo doo”, which means “older aunt.” Look, I’m teaching you all some Chinese along the way! Ha ha.

Blessings on blessings y’all. Speak soon.

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