Here is the story about another special woman in my life, let us call her Aphrodite.

Aphrodite and I met similarly in the way that Jigsaw Puzzle and I did, in the SB Recreation Center back in Spring 2014.

Like Jigsaw Puzzle, I also admired Aphrodite from afar. You see, there is this page on Facebook for our school’s Strength Club; it is a safe haven, a page of learning, where anyone can post a video of their said lift, and people with the right knowledge will critic to their best of their ability, ultimately helping one another to be better lifters. This is relevant because I oftentimes saw Aphrodite’s posts (this is when she was into olympic weightlifting), and I thought to myself, “wow I can’t wait to meet her!”

One day I decided to step outside of my comfort zone, and I introduced myself to Aphrodite in the Rec Center. She already seemed so down to earth, so I, of course, being who I am, instantly added her on Facebook because I knew this wasn’t the last time we’d be seeing each other.

Towards the end of that semester, we started talking more and I felt a deep connection with her as time continued to pass. Come my senior year, her junior year in Fall 2014, we were on a better friend level, to the degree that I stalked her life (lol) and we began texting/holding actual in person conversations.

Long story short, Aphrodite and I became greater friends as the months would go on. I remember it was my 22nd birthday – I was so not expecting a text from her, but she said the sweetest thing that made me smile that afternoon.

I’m telling you, God always blesses me and puts the right kind of people in my life; my people.

Fast forward to where we are now, two years down a short (but seemingly long) road of friendship. Like Jigsaw Puzzle, I know for a fact that you will always be there for me in times of sorrow, but also in times of happiness.


You are also so strong and beautiful. Know that about yourself! You teach me daily what it means to be comfortable in one’s own skin. The way you care and love others is evident in every aspect of your life. I have witnessed this first hand on a multiple of occasions where you will literally drop everything to be there for your loved ones.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally – I hope I have done as much for you as you have done for me. I love you, forever and ever.



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