Hercules is One of My Close Friends

Not going to lie, having Hercules as one my close friends has its pros. To keep the timeline flowing though, let me tell the story of how we met, then we will get into why Hercules is such a great individual in my eyes.

I met you around the same time as I met T. K. and Kindness, since you also came from the special place called “The Block.” Like T. K., Kindness and I are so privileged to share the affection that you have for both of us, and the rest of our mutual friends.

This certain memory that I have of you just validates that you and I were meant to cross paths, and God planned for us to be in each other’s lives.

It was a winter Friday night, and most of our friends, including T. K. and Kindness were away on their senior trip, so a bunch of us decided to sit back and relax by watching a movie altogether at Consistency’s house. You had bought some kind of sweet treat from the store, and randomly in the middle of it all, you got up and handed some over to me. I thought this was so very nice of you.

As time progresses and as I am able to see you mature right before my eyes, it seems like the love that you have for others only gets stronger and stronger. This is very evident in the way that you treat me and everyone else.


We spoke of this last week, but I will write it here electronically on paper, just so you may know how much you mean to me, even if our friendship is so fresh and so new. I truly believe that God brought us together to have this connection for a reason, coupled with the fact that we have gone through similar (not exactly the same, but relatable) life experiences. I come to you with my troubles, because I know you will always listen, and that you can definitely understand where I am coming from.

So, why is it so great to have Hercules as one of my close friends, you may ask? Like all of the other very important individuals in my life, you give me a whole new outlook on things, and you are honest when I need you to be. In one of the hardest moments of my life last week, (though I was a huge pain and I am sorry for putting my own needs before yours), you stood by my side to the best of your ability, and you reminded me that I truly am loved by you, Kindness, God, friends, and family.

Thank you. These are the only words that I may say to you, time and time again, because these are the words of affirmation that you always deserve. You have the ability to influence those surrounded by you, and I am so glad that you have chosen to be in the field of work that you are currently in. This solidifies the fact that you know how to love, but, ultimately, you also know how to receive love.

Never forget who you are, and never forget how much you mean to me. Additionally, know that just because I have my own struggles at times, that does not mean that you cannot come to me with your own. I will always be here for you when you need me. Trust in the Lord and He will continue to do great things in your life.



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