The Original Gangster

The O.G’s of the O.G’s – this post is about Grandma Benedict.

Man. You are yet another strong woman that I have in my life. I can also see so much of God’s love in you, now that I dig deep and think about it.

You are always there for your children and your grandchildren. I am so lucky that you are the only grandparent I have ever met (the other three passed away before I was born), because it is apparent that this is the type of love any grandparent should have for the younger adults/children in their life.

My favorite memory of you would have to be last year at your birthday party. The whole family was there, and that is when you are the most happy. You also never ask for anything return – the only thing you do ask for, however, is to see the people around you that you hold most dear to your heart, to love each other whole heartedly.

We were all gathered around you, singing happy birthday, and at the end, you prayed one of the most loving prayers over all of us – granted it was in Chinese and I had to have Ba-Ba translate some of it – you prayed in hopes of us as a family to look out for one another, to remember the true fundamentals of what family really means.

I love you, O.G. You’re the greatest.


B. T. B

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