Love is Kind

You’ve all been waiting for this, I’m sure. And not gonna lie, I, myself, have been waiting to write this post about a very special certain someone. My heart is full, and I can’t wait to share a part of me, as this individual truly is my other half. Aside from God, he is the love of my life. Let’s dive right into it.

Where do we begin? It all started when I was sixteen. A certain friend brought you to my attention, and to this day I have thanked her for that. It’s funny because I really had no idea who you were until she mentioned you; I thought you were a new kid at school because I’ve never crossed paths with you before, haha.

It was around the same time I met T. K. – this friend that brought you to my attention had said you were cute, so I looked you up on social media. Within that week, we were introduced to each other! Funny how life works, am I right? Anyway, one thing instantly led to another. We became Facebook friends somehow, and I remember the first time you wrote on my wall – you had said something along the lines of complimenting me after the spring concert, in which I had a violin solo. I didn’t even think much of it back then because I was heartbroken at the time, but that was very sweet of you. When the school year ended, we weren’t really close, so we didn’t speak much or hang out. But, there was then another instance where you decided to Facebook message me, wanting to strike up a conversation about a Christian band. Again, since I was going through something, I didn’t think much of it. Come one mid summer day, I went to the movies with Consistency, Tender Kare and our other friend Redman. T. K. and R. decided to walk home after, and being my spontaneous self, I decided to tag along. Of course, we bumped into you in the park on the way home. You were probably really confused when you saw me, because I would have been too. “Why is this chick with my friends?!”, you most likely thought. Anyways, that was the last I saw of you till the upcoming school year.

Come my junior year, your senior year, our friend groups started to mesh together at this point and we began to hang out more. The two of us never hung out one on one, always in a group, but I’m glad things happened that way because we were friends first before we were lovers (he he). This is the best part about our love story – we came together because of God; along with a few other brothers and sisters in Christ, the Christian Seekers Club in Cool High School was created by us, and by the grace of our almighty Lord. I will never forget this, because ultimately, He brought us together for a reason. Our relationship will always have a meaning behind it, we will always have a purpose.

The way we started to talk intimately is very funny actually, and we really have Peanut Butter and T. K. to thank for that. P. B. and I were becoming good friends at this point, so I opened up to him about how I started to like you. One thing led to another; T. K. found out, and being the person that he is, he pried into our lives and forced us to talk about our mutual feelings. The story goes like this – one Sunday evening in November, T. K., Disney Store and I were video chatting on Oovoo (old school, I know), and T. K. had said he knew for a fact that you liked me back. He suggested we do a three way call and I’d stay silent on the other line; I don’t know why I ever agreed to this back then but I’m glad I did.  The call went something along the lines of this:

  • T. K. – “Hey Kindness (I will address my boyfriend as this name), what’s up?
  • K. – Nothing much
  • T. K. – (giggling) Oh, well, B. T. likes you, do you like her???
  • K. – Uh, I don’t know
  • T. K. – Oh, alright then, talk later

I wasn’t upset when I heard this, I just kind of took it as “alright, that’s fine I guess”, and wanted to move on. I remember getting off my laptop and putting up an away message on Aim because I went to go practice violin. About thirty minutes later, T. K. messaged me saying that you were gonna call me, and low and behold, you did. Not knowing what this conversation would be about, I shyly said “hi.” Basically, you had said that you somehow knew I was on the other end of the phone line, which is why you didn’t want to say anything. You then confessed your liking towards me, and as did I. Things took off from there.

The next day after school, we decided to talk about it fully in person at the Pickle Ball tournament, and I can still recall most of the conversation from that late afternoon. November 09, 2009 – the day I received the greatest individual/love in my life.

We went through high school and college together; thinking back, I would never want to trade the moments that we’ve shared together for anything else in the world. Yes, in a way, we’ve had huge ups and downs, but God has blessed our relationship through it all. I know for a fact that you are the one I want to continue to walk with, and to fulfill my end goal of spreading God’s love to others. He is the one who brought us together, and we will seek Him as one, as we continue to learn to love and be loved.

I say this to everyone. You have taught me SO much. We may have opposite personalities, but I love that about us. In areas that I may lack, you complete me, and vice versa. Whenever I need sound advice, you are the first person I will go to, because you have always been so logical and level headed. You are the sweetest individual, and I am too thankful to have you in my life.

Thank you for teaching me how to love, and how to be loved. I constantly struggle with going back and forth (in my own crazy head) in not feeling loved, but with the help of you, God, family and friends, I know for a fact that I am loved, and I will always be loved.

You are my soul mate. I will always love you wholeheartedly to the best of my ability, to the moon and back.

Yours always,


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