Jeepers, Creepers!

I also met you in ABC Church at an earlier time in my life.
Looking back, you’ve always had the same confidence that you have now. This quality that you have has inspired me to stand up for myself in the ways that I’ve never been able to before.

We started becoming close back in 2009 (give or take). This happened because we were placed in the same small group during one of the youth winter retreats. I opened up to all of you about my family situation, and since then, you have loved me to the best of your best ability. For this, I cannot thank you enough.

Your personality is very similar to that of mine, and I thoroughly enjoy our times together whenever we hang out. Here’s a good story about this one time with Jeepers –

Summer 2013 I worked at a gym nearby my sister’s apartment, so I slept over from time to time. One morning I get a call from Jeepers asking me if I have any plans for the day. I said no, and she said “ok good I’m picking you up and you’re going to help me catch a rat that’s been in my house.”

This was one of the funniest things that someone has ever said to me, so I, of course, was excited for this adventure and task that we would tackle together. We went to Home Depot that morning and tried our best to exterminate this rat by setting up traps all over her house.

Thank you for being so bubbly and energetic all the time! You are so infectious and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you.


B. T. B.

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