Tree Trunk

This is the story about the greatest older brother a little sister could ask for.

I call this post Tree Trunk, because he is the foundation of my childhood. It is as if I am the branches or leaves, which stem off of the trunk. He has taught me many life lessons that I will never be able to forget.

Tree Trunk and I are six years apart. Growing up, my brother taught me all the cool kid things. Believe it or not, I was, in a sense, a tom boy, since all I ever wanted to do was everything and anything that my brother did. I tried to participate in any activity that I could with him, which ranges largely from playing video games, to trading Pokemon/Magic the Gathering/Digimon cards, to wrestling on our living room floor.

In my eyes, Tree Trunk is one of the most intelligent individuals I will ever come to know. And no, I am definitely not being biased! He, like our father, also has a heart of gold.

Here’s one of my favorite childhood memories that I will tell almost anybody. Warning, Star Wars reference. You know those tauntauns that they ride (first appearance in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)? Yes, you’re on the right track – the camel looking things. Well, mind you, Tree Trunk is literally the height of a tree at 6’4″, and little ol’ me at the time was only about 4’11” – basically, T. T. would pretend that I was his literal tauntaun, and though he was about 150+ pounds (give or take) heavier than I, he’d hop on my back and ride me around the house. I’m literally dying of silent laughter right now as I wait for the train to go home.

There are a whole bunch of really fun memories with T. T. that I hold dear to my heart but I’ll spare you the time. Plus, if you really want to know, just ask me!

Gaw-gaw (brother in Cantonese), thank you for constantly showing me love, and for always teaching me how to toughen up.

I can see that you are so happy now with your own little family – I know for a fact that Squirtle and Charmander (nicknames for my niece and nephew) are so loved by you and Blueberry (my sister-in-law).

Never lose yourself in that, because of all people, you deserve the most happiness.

I love you, you big ol’ blueberry butt.*


Strawberry Butt*

*An insider that I’d have to tell another time, or you can ask me ’bout it in person the next time you see me.

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