The Only Exception

I’m laughing at myself right now because I cannot believe that I almost forgot to write about this one gift that God has given me.

Also, I am on my way to work, and oddly enough, Paramore – The Only Exception (classical pop version), came on as soon as I titled this post as that. I must have done that subconsciously, ha. Moving on.

I was raised in a family that loves music. Growing up, my dad at one point was the choir conductor of our old church (before ABC), and my mom is an awesome pianist (and violinist). Before they were married, mom saved up just enough money to buy dad a violin since he voiced to her that he wanted to learn.

I’m the last of the children in our immediate family, so naturally by the time I could walk, talk, and eat, for myself – mom shared her gift of music with me at age three, just like she did with my siblings. I will always be grateful for this experience we were able to share with one another.

Since mom was a pianist, she taught me how to play all by herself in the preliminary stages. Again, no one will be able to take this time shared together away from us! And that is a beautiful thing.

I don’t remember it as clearly as I wish, but I do remember at age five, I transitioned from being a pianist to a violinist. To share this experience with me even further, mom took it upon herself to also learn how to play the violin (she’s just awesome).


In it of itself, one cannot even begin to explain the wonders of it all. I realize now that God put music into my life so I could escape from all of the chaos around me, I see this so very clearly. Thank You.

To this very moment, I always seek my soul in music – whether it be songs with words, or going back to the OG of it all, classical music.

Here’s what I learned from being a musician since the age of three –

  • Hard work pays off
  • If you set a goal for yourself and are determined to succeed, you will!
  • Never give up. You can do anything you set your mind to
  • Independence – you must decide that when and if you want something, the only way to achieve it is by doing
  • With time, practice, and endurance, you can create something beautiful

Music will always be one of the biggest aspects of my life. It is the only exception, in terms of a form of expression, for me. My whole life up until now, I felt oppressed in the way that I grew up in an Asian cultured home where speaking about your problems with others was frowned upon. However, when I felt that I needed to put all of my emotions into something other than my own crazy head, I was able to pick up my violin and pour out my heart in that way.*
Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with the gift of music. Because of this gift, I am able to see life in a whole different lense.

*My violin’s name is Betty!

Alright, onto my family. Yikes – in a good way. Keep reading.


B. T. B.

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