Sharing Is Caring, They Say

Ah. I’ve waited for this one. Like damn, how is it that this one individual can have such an influence  on my life?!

Don’t worry, I know the answer to that question (it was obv. rhetorical, ha ha he he).

Where do I even begin?

I honestly don’t know where to start with this person, because I can already feel myself choking from the happy tears that will, for a fact, come on v soon.

Sharing is caring, they say. What a phrase that resonates with me.

We met in ABC Church in Kings Land. I was five years old, and you were five going on six. It’s kind of nice that though you are born a year earlier than I (but only a couple of months before) – I can still dwell in the fact that you are my second older sister that I never had (but always needed). You are my soul sister. Through thick and thin, the love that you bless me with never ceases to fail. It truly amazes me how much love you can have for someone as vulnerable as I. So, if I don’t say it enough – words cannot explain how much I love you, I am undeserving of your undying love. I hope you can see that I will always reciprocate love to you in the best of my ability.

Our relationship is way too long to write and even detail to the dot, but I will try my best.

You are literally a day one homie. No one in my life has experienced all that I have; except for you, because you are my soul sister (I will say this over and over again within this post).

*Pausing at 9:41pm on Monday, April 25th 2016. I must pay attention to what’s ahead of me as I walk to my brother’s apartment. Ttyl.

Hello, it’s me. (please tell me that you got that reference)! It is currently 1:33am on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. I am still awake since I am anxious, so I may as well put my crazy thoughts/energy (what’s left of it, that is) into words, right?

Let’s reconvene and continue talking about what “sharing” truly means to me.

“SABBFFIC” we used to say – which stood for Sharing and B.T. Benedict best friends forever in church. I can stand firm in that acronym, because ultimately again, our relationship was/is founded on the pillar of love. God’s love.

We’ve been through so much together that I, sometimes, cannot even wrap my head around it. All in all, through our ups and downs as well, our relationship came out on top; we learned from everything that gave us sadness (and happiness). We did and will always do life side by side. We have shared the pain and the sorrows, but we have also delighted in the good times that life brings us. Together.

You were, and will always be the very first person I go to (after God, and when I cannot talk to the love of my life about certain things, ofc). We understand each other on a level that no one else in this earthly world will ever comprehend.


I’ve learned about honesty and its role in my life – I can only ask for everyone to be as honest with me as they can be. I’ve learned that pushing the truth out of someone (or making them face the truth without having them figuring it out themselves), can only be volatile, and I never want to be in that place again with anyone. But, with you, since sharing is caring, you are the truth in my life that I need, when others cannot be.

Your truthfulness is as honest as God’s love.

I can literally go on and on about what I’ve learned from the saying “sharing is caring”, but that’s the gist of it really – because in the end, no one will get the two of us 100% like we get each other, am I right?


Your soul sista B. T. Benedict

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