Honestly, Us

B. T. Benedict here, writing our first blog post.

This is a safe haven for any individual who has been through hell and back, but is hopeful that everything will be okay eventually. I mean, that’s life, right? At the end of the day, you are the only one (unless you believe in a higher power like that of God; in my case, I do), to help you get through things in order to come out on top, to be a stronger individual.

Though Quinn Cheser and I are two separate people, I truly believe that God has brought us together because of our similar life experiences.

Here’s the (shortened) story of how we met.

It was my Sophomore year in college, she was a freshman. My roommate at the time was an old friend that I grew up with from home, I’ve known her since we were twelve; we’ll call her Kookie – but that’s a story for another time. At the end of our freshman year, Kookie and I decided to continue living with one another after a year of doing so, and we decided to keep our current suite-mate, (we’ll call her – Rachel) to live with us in the upcoming year as well. Come summer of 2012, Rachel tells us that she received notice of who her roommate was going to be. We were all so excited! Of course, me being who I am, I immediately searched her up on Facebook, friend requested, patiently waited for her to accept, fervently stalked, then decided to write on her wall saying that I would be one of her new suite-mates.

This memory is engraved in my head since I can remember it as if it were yesterday. Move-in day in college for anyone can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re a freshman. Specifically, my freshman move-in day back in August 2011, I felt so lost and hurt because my parents only helped me drop off my things in my room, then decided to peace out since my father had to return to his life and get to work – I remember feeling bitter, but ultimately, looking back, I realize that they were teaching me to be independent, since I was slowly becoming a young adult. I can now thank them for doing this for me. But I digress, so let’s return to when I met Quinn on our move-in day August 2012 – some of my home friends actually, decided to come and help me unpack, which was very sweet of them. I remember feeling such excitement to be able to finally meet Quinn, because ultimately, I felt like I already had an idea of who she was because of my extreme Facebook stalking skills. You know that feeling when you just know this is going to be the start of something beautiful? This is how I felt in the presence of Quinn from day one. She was (and still is) so calm, collective, and confident (the three c’s! ha ha he he ho ho). I firmly believe that age is but a number – though Quinn is a year younger than me, I believe that she is extremely wise and carries herself so well; because of this, she has taught me to be more comfortable in my own skin.

Come my junior year, her sophomore year, we decided that it’d be a great idea for us to be roommates since we clicked with each other. To be quite honest, I can say that that was truly one of the pivotal moments in my college career.

Here’s why.

I’ve picked up on the fact that every year since my sophomore year of college, I get seasonally depressed – with that said, no matter where I was in my life, whether it be a dark or happy time, Quinn seemed to always be understanding (to the degree that she could be), and she always wanted to be there for me. Ultimately, she was and is there for me always. I realize that of all of my many close friends (trust me, I have a lot of beautiful, great, loving, people in my life), Quinn is one of the immediate close friends that I can, will, and DO trust my life with. This inner circle that I fully trust consists of my family, and my closest friends (they know who they are). These individuals are my people. They are my people because no matter where I am in life, they meet me and take me as I am (regardless of the time I’ve intimately known them), and they are able to love me unconditionally, whether it be through their wisdom, their presence, their kindness; they are able to exemplify God’s love through their own languages of love.

That is not to say that anyone outside of this immediate inner circle is less important to me! All of my friends are special to me in that way. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that God has truly blessed me through thick and thin with so much love, even if I am so imperfect and undeserving.

Well, it is now 1:30am on a Sunday (technically Monday) night, and I do have work in a couple hours.

I will be doing a few series (in chronological order, of course) where I will tell of my upbringing, and explain in the best way possible of where I am now in my life. I’ve decided that my “Love Series” will go through (to the best of my ability) all of the people that I love, as each and every individual, has molded me to be the woman of God I am today.

Stay tuned. Blessings on blessings y’all.

“For I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13


B.T. Benedict



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