By the Grace of God

This post is about Grace.

God blessed me early on in my life, but I was completed blinded by it till now. He has watched over me time and time again, He never pryed into my life, nor did he ever force me to love Him – yet He always loved me from afar, and waited till I was truly ready to be embraced by His love.

To be fair, I have been ungrateful, and I have neglected God’s Grace up until now.

Here is the story about my god-sister, Grace.

We met when I was born into this suffering (but beautiful) world – in the 90’s (heck yeah, I’m a cool kid, are you)?! Grace’s parents were really close to mine as they go way back before our time, so in essence, when I came out of my mother’s womb, I was blessed by Grace’s presence from day one. We grew up together, Grace was my first best friend.

At some point in both of our lives, Grace and I were inseparable. Time and time again, no matter how much I neglected Grace, she also always took me at face value and would embrace me as an independent individual – never prying, always loving. I see this now. And it pains me to admit all of this, so if you’re reading this, Grace, my deepest apologies and I am so thankful for you.

We are family, and I will always identify you as my first best friend, and now my god-sister. You are precious to me, just as you are precious to our almighty Father in Heaven. I love you.

God works in mysterious ways, He truly does. You were given the name Grace for a reason! It is because you truly formed into a beautiful child of God, and you make me proud to call you family.

In the way that my earthly god-sister Grace loved me from afar through all these years, God did the same – and that is truly what the word “grace” means to me. I have been continually blessed, even when I strayed away from the Lord.

Thank You, to the both of you.

*Side note – now that I dig deep and really think for myself, I realize that my god-sister Grace was the one who began my roots/love for writing and communicating! Growing up, we didn’t see each other much (though we live in the same state), so we would constantly love each other through daily phone calls and snail mail.

*I’m on a roll. I am so enamored by how words can play a factor into life; it is truly a language of love. I will not stop writing this memoir or whatever you wish to call it, till I am able to tell of my whole life story to where I am now, and how I got to be who I am today. Stay tuned.


B.T. Benedict

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